I LOVE Mushrooms. They are fascinating little creatures more closely related to humans than they are to plants. Mushrooms can do incredible things, and aside from the Deepest parts of the Ocean, one of the least understood lifeforms on the planet earth.

Mushrooms survived the Mass Extinction Event, and inherited the world. Their fossils are being found today that were more than 50' tall. Imagine a world where fire, darkness and carcasses littered the earth. Mushrooms thrived.. and continue to thrive today.

What are Mushrooms

Mushrooms, are a whole lot more than just the fruiting body we see on the ground or growing from a tree. In fact, that is just the reproductive life cycle of the mushroom. Mushrooms main component is composed of Mycelium.

Mycelium are thread like weaves which are found below our feet as we walk through the forest. Mycelium is the part of the organism which processes food, grows, and communicates with its surroundings. When you find a mushroom on the ground, carefully pull back the earth below it, and odds are you will see white threadlike tendrils. Bingo, you found Mycelium.

Mycelium is what colonizes substrates and ultimately pops out a mushroom which then releases spores. The spores are blown around and this is how the mushroom reproduces.

Incredible Uses of Mushrooms

Mushroom Mycelia has been used for a myriad of beneficial reasons. And many of the incredible uses are yet to be discovered.

Mushrooms can:
- Remediate contaminated soil
- Provide special nutrients which can aid in human health
- kill bacteria
- kill viruses
- be used in pest control
- be eaten as sustenance.


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